Yes….I’m still here, and continuing to cook and serve the people of Tenterden and surrounding villages.

“It’s about time you updated your blog”, someone said to me last week (and he knows about these things). “Potential clients might think I’m no longer in business if I don’t keep the blog going” he said. Oooh errrr…. but he’s absolutely right! Call me lazy (I’m not!), but I admit I have neglected the blog in the last couple of years, preferring to update my Facebook page with all the latest Passionate Food news. But FB isn’t everybody’s cup of tea so here we go…….

I’d like to tell you about a fab restaurant experience I had recently. We went to Terre à Terre, an independent vegetarian restaurant in Brighton. The occasion was to celebrate my birthday. To avoid the parking nightmare we took the train from Appledore to Brighton – very relaxing and easy one and a half hour journey (with free parking at Appledore).

Being a Wednesday lunchtime in February, the restaurant wasn’t overly busy but I gather it’s prudent to book, especially at weekends. The ambiance was good however, and we were greeted by a friendly, and very knowledgable waiter. He needed to know his stuff too – the menu is highly creative and makes great use of a variety of interesting ingredients, all vegetarian (some vegan and also gluten and dairy free).

To start with we opted for a tapas style sharing platter and were blown away by all the components. There was plenty of it and we wondered whether we’d made a bit of a mistake ordering a main course too. But we are a bit greedy so decided to go for it! The mains were sublime – visually exciting food with delicious flavours and interesting textures. It’s impossible to describe exactly what we had but here’s some photo’s…… and all washed down with a very nice Hungarian red.

Vegetarian food

Feeling rather full at this stage but tempted to have a peep at the dessert menu…… we decided to share a dessert – their take on Spanish churros with chocolate and salted caramel sauces. To die for! Have to say that my husband polished off most of it – I was struggling.

All in all, it was one of the best restaurant experiences I have ever had. We are not vegetarians but do enjoy non meat/fish meals and this was undoubtedly the best we’ve ever had. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself.

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