Today was a first – I cooked an Indian meal for Easter Sunday lunch! We had friends over (who have, earlier this year, had a fabulous holiday in India). I experimented with several new recipes out of the Gordon Ramsey 'Great Escape' book: Chicken Badami (chicken in a yoghurt and almond sauce); Jeera Rice; Saag Aloo; Masoor Dhal; Coriander & Chilli Raita; Naan Bread; Poppadums; 'Tenterden Chutney' (Lemon and Mustard Seed). It all worked very well although it was a bit complicated cooking so many recipes (all with several different spices) in one go. Needless to say, I had to bring all the spices over to France with me – choice is very limited in the shops here. The French just 'don't do' Indian!

Chilling out now with a glass of red! It's so nice to write my blog in the peacefulness of this beautiful little village. All the stress and rush of life in the South East of England seems a long way away. And it's NOT raining!

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  1. Awesome Dish, but a bit too much butter for my diet. I can do the same with just oil and this still looks like it might just work out.

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