There are many passions in  my life……..My Family, My Dog, Food, France, Germany, Wine, Smooth Jazz, Macmillan Charity, etc……. ALSO…. my iPad and Beetroot!

My iPad and Beetroot were closely connected this weekend.  I'm thoroughly enjoying reading the weekend 'Times' on the iPad – so simple and NO PAPERS all over the bed!  Their coverage of the Royal Wedding (especially on their Royal Wedding App) was superb!  

But what especially caught my eye was a recipe for Beetroot Risotto. Not the first Times recipe that I have tried that has found its way into my 'Ultimate Recipe' file.  Gorgeous red colour and absolutely delicious – a risotto made in the traditional way but very simple.  Here's what it looked like:

If anyone wants the recipe – I've adapted it slightly to make it 'my own' – please contact me via my website  I'll be happy to share it.

Happy Cooking!


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