It's been a while since my last blog……..due, in part, to having spent the last month at our other home in France. Not that I couldn't have typed a post, because we're fully up and running with WIFI broadband etc. but more that I have allowed myself to slip into 'holiday mode', which is, of course, what we have also been having!

The weather has been amazing – well into the 30's a lot of the time.  A week spent camping in the south (which has become a family tradition) was glorious. It saddens me to see posts on Facebook about how awful the weather has been in the UK and I never forget how lucky we are to have the opportunity to come to this beautiful part of France so regularly.

Having an extended stay at our French home has enabled us to integrate more with our friends and neighbours over here and given me a chance to improve my language skills – in fact one French friend declared that 'he wished his English was as good as my French!' Praise indeed!

It's not been all chillin' though – my husband carries on with his work as a headhunter in much the same way as in the UK and I've had the perfect opportunity to plan in great detail for my catering events that are coming up in the next few months; to think carefully about which direction to take my business; to catch up with my paperwork and accounts (the most boring bit!); and, as always whilst in France, to complete 'essential research' – enjoy good food and wine, to entertain friends and family, to experiment with new recipes.  No need to feel guilty then?

The downside to all the feasting is that the waistline has inevitably expanded and Weight Watchers beckons me back in September. Back to counting points and imbibing less of the 'red medicine' as a friend of mine so neatly puts it!  Oh, and it's a myth…… French women DO get fat!!!!

Another good reason for spending so long out here at this time is that I am having my garage in the UK converted to a 'catering kitchen' to enable me to work more efficiently. With luck, it will be all but complete by the time we get back and we will have avoided all the upheaval and disruption that a big project like this entails.  No doubt it will take a few days to get it all sorted and everything in place but once that's done there'll be no stopping me!  Hopefully also the pervading chutney smells can be confined (which will please my husband enormously!)  It's exciting anticipating what it will be like and makes me look forward (for once!) to returning to the UK.

Being on holiday also gives me the chance to get stuck into novels – something I rarely do at other times because I have so many cookery mags and recipe books to devour!  I've just read two books by Karen Wheeler – 'Toute Sweet' and 'Toute Allure'.  I could not put them down.  They're all about her (a fashion journalist) who has swopped London life for a fresh start in a tiny French village. They are undoubtedly the best French lifestyle books I've read and I gather she's working on the third sequel.  Full of touching and amusing anecdotes about ex-pats in France.

So do I feel guilty about having this lovely long stay in France……….?

Non! Je ne regret rien!!

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