The title says it all for me … and it manifests itself in so many different ways.

Life for us in the ‘Wilson House’ is mad busy – work (our respective businesses), family, friends and social activities, Macmillan ‘stuff’ – it’s crazy! Sometimes there just isn’t time to relax, chill and think.

But, what we’re having tonight is a wonderful close evening of food, music, discussion – just Nigel, me and Fred!  OK … I’m now bashing away at my laptop but I’m so inspired to get cracking on my blog and it’s easy to keep chatting, watching TV (tennis), listen to music. (Glastonbury ‘live’ is blasting away! – Mumford and Sons etc….- superb!)

Nigel’s music preferences are eclectic and broad. I know what I like in ‘jazz’, ‘classical’, ‘traditional’, ‘folk’, ‘contemporary’ and ‘pop’ but am constantly being introduced to stuff by Nigel that I wouldn’t otherwise listen too. Sometimes I hate it, sometimes I love it, but mostly I have to say….it grows on me!  And that’s the big conversation we’ve had tonight – music is like food……you don’t always like it first time around (think about how a baby develops taste) but it’s so wrong to dismiss music, or food, or ‘art’ come to that, at first ‘taste’. I grew up in an environment of good food and ‘European’ tastes but, WOW, how my experiences and tastes have broadened, exponentially in the last 15 years or so.

I love Friday evenings……it’s a chance to unwind (for Nigel) or a calm before the storm (for me – if I’ve got a busy catering weekend – which I have!) We’ve had a nice ‘carb-free’ meal (thinking about that beach holiday!), good wine (what the heck!), and a great discussion around music and what it all means.

Nigel’s just bought a new soundtrack from a favourite ‘smooth jazz’ pianist – Pat Metheny. He’s done an album of various covers – Simon and Garfunkel, Carpenters, Beatles, Stylistics – oh my God – brought back so many memories and what a beautiful interpretation of these iconic tracks.

We got talking about ‘Desert Island Discs’ tracks – how can you whittle it down to just 8? I got thinking about favourite recipes… many… to choose?  What I do do now, however, is annotate my favourite recipes with the word ‘Ultimate’ in my laptop filing system – it’s a start!

To sum up… and music bring so much pleasure and, in these tricky economic times, can still be accessible and affordable to everyone in all sorts of ways. Have a great weekend everyone!

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