Phew, it's been busy!  Chutney sales taking off, especially to the National Trust and I'm also delighted to have been approached by several local deli's and farm shops who are interested in my products.  All of a sudden, it's me who is taking, rather than making, the calls!

I'm also in my element, preparing for a couple of exciting catering assignments – a Champagne Canape Birthday Lunch party for 30 + two novelty birthday cakes and a Birthday/Leaving Party for 100 which involves canapes, buffet and evening snacks.

Today, I made a birthday cake for a one-year old. It was an open brief. I decided upon a 'Hickory Dickory Dock' cake to go with the 'one' theme. I baked a rich chocolate sponge in a long loaf tin; sandwiched it with Bon Maman Griotte Cherry jam (only available in France! – cheeky devils keep the best for themselves, just like their wine!); and a chocolate fudge filling; then drowned the whole cake in chocolate ganache.  When this had set, I decorated the cake with a clock face, set to one o'clock (which I had printed off the internet and laminated) and white chocolate mice. I finished it all off with 'writing icing' details (mice eyes, tails etc) and finally subtly dusted the whole thing with gold edible glitter.  I delivered it to one VERY satisfied customer!!!

I've also completed the birthday cake for the person I'm doing the canape party for on Friday – can't divulge any details just yet because it's a surprise!

Tomorrow, it's an early start to finalise the preparations for the canape party and also to do a bit more for the big party next week – bake quiches etc…..  Sometimes I think I should have been a Project Manager – careful meticulous planning is the key to success!

Tonight, I'm chilling out……. OH is away on a Training Assignment at Ragdale Hall (nice work if you can get it!!!) – I'm NOT jealous……MUCH!  But while the 'cat's' away and I can choose what I want to eat.  I've had a lovely 'favourite comfort meal' of jacket potato, baked beans (OH hates those!), and cheese. YUM! Simple tastes, simple pleasures.  Don't tell anyone, but I also had to have a couple of sneaky spoonfuls of cold beans, straight from the tin – who else likes that? Let me know……!

Love life, food and laughter………

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