There are many definitions …. ‘pop-up’ restaurant, ‘underground dining’, ‘part-time restaurant’, ‘Come Dine With Me experience’ (yuk!)  I personally prefer ‘unique social dining experience’ although that doesn’t trip quite so lightly off the tongue.

But that’s exactly what I’m offering….. at my home in Tenterden.  Delicious home-cooked food served to a maximum of eight guests seated around a large table to encourage a good social atmosphere.  My lovely husband Nigel will help to host each event and encourage the conversation.  We provide a ‘free’ welcome drink and soft drinks and you can bring your own wine (or whatever your favourite tipple is).

It’s a great way to meet interesting people. It could also be an opportunity for you to enjoy a relaxed dinner with your friends or colleagues without the hassle of being in a restaurant or having all the bother of it being in your own home.  For small, local businesses it could be an alternative choice for your annual Christmas Party.

Menu’s will vary according to the seasons and will include some special themed menu’s – Italian, Middle Eastern, etc.  The cost will be between £30 – £40 per head, depending on menu.  I am offering a 10% discount to anyone with a “Love Tenterden’ Loyalty Card.

The first event will be on Thursday 24th October – at time of writing there’s still a couple of spaces left. Be quick if you’d like to be part of the launch!

Other dates are set as:
Thursday 20th November 2014
Thursday 11th December 2014
Thursday 15th January 2015
Thursday 5th February 2015
Thursday 5th March 2015

Here’s the Autumn Menu @ £40 per head

I do hope that I can tempt you to join us!
Food For Thought Autumn Menu

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