A Supper Club Virgin that is! Having taken the plunge and realised the idea that was concocted back on a sunny French restaurant terrace in August, we’ve now hosted our first ‘Food for Thought’ Supper Club.

IMG_8151 - Version 2

Great fun it was too, with an eclectic bunch of people. Conversation was diverse and interesting, as you’d imagine with guests that included a rock guitarist, a jazz singer, a microbiologist, a Town Councillor, an osteopath, a chiropodist, a retired car sales manager……oh and, the fact that the ‘day job’ for two of them is as sub editors for a popular tabloid newspaper!

We kicked off the evening with a welcome glass of fizz and then served up a four-course meal with a French twist. Clean plates all round and the party went on until after midnight!

Now planning the next one … for Thurs 20th November. The theme will be ‘Middle Eastern – Persian style’. Contact me if you’d like to book a space.

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