That’s what my daughter has just called me! Why? Because I have been raving on about his latest TV programme & Book (Cook Like Heston), I have cooked his ‘Triple Cooked Chips’ AND just ordered a Pressure Cooker on Amazon!  Well he does say they make the best stock and soup.

The chips were a faff to make but tasted gloriously light and crispy with soft centres. I would not rush to make them again unless I really wanted to impress someone but they were a very nice treat.  Here they are …



I did have a pressure cooker when I was in my early twenties but it scared the life out of me so I rarely used it – all that hissing steam!  I gather they are a lot safer nowadays – well, Heston says they are!! Hurry up and deliver, Amazon, so I can start experimenting!

I’m looking forward to trying out some recipes using ‘forgotten cuts’ – ox cheeks, lamb shanks, suet puddings etc…. Just right for this time of year and very economical. In this cost conscious climate, who doesn’t want to save money?

Now….. back to the kitchen, where I belong!


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