What makes a good Farmers Market?

One of my favourite places to visit is Borough Market in London.  Vibrant atmosphere, amazing food products, passionate food producers, tempting samples. Cosmopolitan and traditional. A foodie heaven. I go, I sample and I buy….lots! So what makes a local Farmers Market attractive? Why are some more

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Chelsea won the Cup Final! Thank goodness! I have one very happy OH as a result. Don’t want to think about the atmosphere in our house had they lost. I just don’t get football – maybe because I’ve never been to a match but I do understand how much it means to my man!

So we celebrated tonight with a bottle of bubbly (I don’t need any excuse!) and Spag Bol. But, the best part of the food tonight was the last minute starter I’d decided to do…….picked up some local asparagus at Smarden Farmers Market today and followed my guru Delia’s current Waitrose recipe for ‘almost Hollandaise sauce’. Sooo easy, sooo delicious! Hat’s off to Waitrose and Delia for encouraging people to cook. Simple!!

Farmers Market not that busy today……..WHY? Please let me know what you like about Farmers Markets (and what you don’t like!) How could it be better? Are there too many markets? Is there enough choice? Are the prices competitive? What would make you come along, sample and buy the products? Tell me about markets that you’ve been to that you’ve enjoyed and why.

Looking forward to daughter no. 2 coming tomorrow for lunch. She’s a chef so a great chance to catch up, share ideas, chill out!

Keep everything crossed now for daughter No 1 who’s off to Las Vegas on Monday – the news reports about the volcanic ash don’t look good. Please don’t let it spoil her holiday!

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