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The title says it all for me … and it manifests itself in so many different ways. Life for us in the ‘Wilson House’ is mad busy – work (our respective businesses), family, friends and social activities, Macmillan ‘stuff’ – it’s crazy! Sometimes there just isn’t time

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The Beauty of Beetroot & the iPad

There are many passions in  my life……..My Family, My Dog, Food, France, Germany, Wine, Smooth Jazz, Macmillan Charity, etc……. ALSO…. my iPad and Beetroot! My iPad and Beetroot were closely connected this weekend.  I'm thoroughly enjoying reading the weekend 'Times' on the iPad – so simple and

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I’m not really a Royalist but….

I really am not a Royalist but can't help getting caught up in the party atmosphere! Tenterden High Street was buzzing with it today. bunting everywhere, Wills and Kete mannequins on the Town Hall balcony (I did a double take!). Lovely to overhear peoples conversations…."Royal Wedding this…..Royal

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