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I’m no longer a virgin……

A Supper Club Virgin that is! Having taken the plunge and realised the idea that was concocted back on a sunny French restaurant terrace in August, we’ve now hosted our first ‘Food for Thought’ Supper Club.

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Fab Meal at The Curlew Restaurant, Bodiam

The occasion was my youngest daughter’s 22nd birthday, the venue…The Curlew Restaurant at Bodiam.  I’ve eaten there before and it’s impressive. Michelin Starred –  impressive and well deserved. What’s also remarkable is the amazing customer service.  I don’t just mean the waitresses (who are very good!) or

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I’ve been making a list …

My life is governed by lists – to do lists, shopping lists, phone call lists, wish lists, inventory lists (freezer etc..) What would I do without them? I could not function, that’s for sure!  But my favourite list at the moment is, without a doubt, a list

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