10/10 at Le Cafe Anglais

I’ve finally found a restaurant I can truly give a 10/10 score to!  Le Cafe Anglais in Bayswater.  The Chef Patron is Rowley Leigh and on both occasions that I’ve eaten there he has been very much in charge in the open plan kitchen – nice to

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I’ve been making a list …

My life is governed by lists – to do lists, shopping lists, phone call lists, wish lists, inventory lists (freezer etc..) What would I do without them? I could not function, that’s for sure!  But my favourite list at the moment is, without a doubt, a list

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The title says it all for me … and it manifests itself in so many different ways. Life for us in the ‘Wilson House’ is mad busy – work (our respective businesses), family, friends and social activities, Macmillan ‘stuff’ – it’s crazy! Sometimes there just isn’t time

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