Chicken Recipe for Valentines Day – I dare you!!!!

This recipe is not as unsociable as it sounds!  In fact it’s one of the best chicken dishes I’ve ever had.  The garlic cooks to a soft sweet stickiness which makes a delicious sauce. Very simple to make.  There are many variations of this recipe on line

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Me? Heston’s Bitch?

That’s what my daughter has just called me! Why? Because I have been raving on about his latest TV programme & Book (Cook Like Heston), I have cooked his ‘Triple Cooked Chips’ AND just ordered a Pressure Cooker on Amazon!  Well he does say they make the

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Fab Meal at The Curlew Restaurant, Bodiam

The occasion was my youngest daughter’s 22nd birthday, the venue…The Curlew Restaurant at Bodiam.  I’ve eaten there before and it’s impressive. Michelin Starred –  impressive and well deserved. What’s also remarkable is the amazing customer service.  I don’t just mean the waitresses (who are very good!) or

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