Don’t replace….renovate!

After years of being on my wish list, I’ve finally had my kitchen (the domestic one, that is) renovated! I spend hours every day in my kitchen and it definitely needed updating. The original one came with the house when we bought it in 2000 and was

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Italy – Passionate Food goes global!

Cooking in Italy? Me? Oh yes – that’s what I’ve been doing!  Preparing delicious food in Umbria, Italy! – for a group of talented artists. If anyone had said to me when I made the big decision to leave teaching ten years ago “don’t worry, one day

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An Exceptionally Good Restaurant!

We are always on a mission to find a good restaurant and it’s not always easy, even in France. Sometimes the food is good but the service is lacking; on other occasions the décor and ambiance may not be right and then there’s always the crucial factor

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